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Your Questions Answered...


How does the drop off and pick up process work?

Please show up on time for your appointment.  Being by appointment only, i have only so much time with your dog before the next baby comes in. Anyone 10 mins late with out a call will be cancelled.  Once you have gotten a call/ text that your baby is for pick up please be there within an hour to pick up. 


Late or NO Show Policy? What is this? 

 In Grooming time is money. When a client does not show up for their appointment time the groomer does not get paid.  I understand situations come up but a simple call could save you from paying a No Show Fee (20$). If you call 15 mins after your appointment time wanting to still come in there will be a 10$ late fee, at this point its to late to fill that spot.

Why was my bill not what I saw online?

These are just starting prices not every dog has the same coat.  For short simple haircuts prices will be lower. The more coat you wish to leave takes longer to wash, dry and shape.  You may see a Hand Scissor Fee, Dematting Fee, or Deshed Fee. None will be done or added with out speaking to customer first. 


How often should i get my dog groomed?

 I highly suggest 6-8 weeks for a full groom. Keeping up with the brushing at home will help you get to the 8 week mark. you can always come in for a bath or mini groom in between.

Dematting Policy

 During the check in process we will go over the pups coat to determine which haircut will work out best. If the coat is heavily matted shaving will be the best option. However if the mats are ablt to be brushed out there is a fee. first 10 mins is free after that its a dollar per minute. NO MORE THEN 30 MINS!

Can I stay during the groom?

 No. You would be the biggest distraction for your furbaby. Most of the time once a Pet Parent leaves dogs will behave, think of it as children. At home they wont do dishes,but at a friends they don't even have to be asked. 

How long will it take?

 We can ask for 3 to 4 hours to finish , but normally it only takes 1 to 2 hours. Again we try not to keep your dogs all day. First dogs of the day are the fastest out.

I called but no answer...

I do apologize for being slow to give you a call back. I work alone so i cant always answer the phone. Please leave a voicemail or shoot me an email.

Aggressive or Hard to handle dogs

I am always willing to give any dog a try but working alone does have its disadvantages. If i feel its unsafe for me or the dog i will call the owner to come pick up with out finishing the services.  

Closing Time

 I leave after my last dog of the day. all dogs will be done by 5pm.


As responsible Pet Owners you should always have your dog up to date on their shots.  I will only require to see the Rabies vaccination and all 3 rounds of puppy shots. Tub, table and kennels are all cleaned between dogs. 

Puppies and Seniors

Puppies should start out in a salon as early as you can so they become comfortable in the environment. Pups ad seniors sometimes can take a little more time.    

How many dogs at a time do you take?

We are by appointment only. Meaning when you drop off i will be starting on your pup within 10 mins of drop off.Your pup will have my full attention until the groom is complete. Families with multiple dogs please expect longer groom times.

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