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Our Services

Grooming Packages
Includes Bath, Blowout,Nails trimmed and grind, Ears cleaned, Anal Glands expressed, and Haircut under 1/2 inches. Longer haircuts will have a Hand Scissoring Charge

Small dogs will start at 57$
Medium dogs start at 70$
Large dogs start at 80$
XL dogs start at 95$
These are only Starting prices, may go up depending on coat condition and length of desired haircut.
Poodles and Doodles Start at 75

Mini Grooms
Includes Bath, Blowout, Nails trimmed and grind, Ear cleaned, Anal Glands expressed, Eye area clipped out, Sani shave and Feet trimming. This package is for the in between time. 

Small dogs will start at 45$
Medium dogs start at 57$
Large dogs start at 67$
XL Dogs start at 85$

Bath Only
Includes Bath, Blowout, Nails trimmed and grind, Ear cleaning, and Anal Glands expressed NO TRIMMING

 Extra Small dogs( under 15 lbs) will start at 25$
Small dogs start at 35$
Medium dogs start at 45$
Large dogs at 57$
XL dogs start at 72$

Puppy Package
Bath, Nails, Ears and In Salon Training
Great way to introduce puppies to be comfortable with grooming! Puppys under 8 months.
( no haircut included)
Small Breeds  20$
Medium Breed  25$

Large Breeds  35$

Add on Services and Walk ins
Teeth Brushing and Paw Pad Cream-7$
Nail Trimming 10$
Nail Trim and Grind 15$
Deshed 10-30$ (amount of undercoat)
Demat first 10 mins is free 1$ per min after (NO MORE THEN 30 MINS)
Hand Scissor Fee 10- 30$ (Length determines the fee)

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