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Deshed short.jpg
Deshed on.jpg


You can add on a deshed to any service. Leave the hair at the Salon and not in your house!

Deshed 2.jpg

Mini Groom

For those in between grooms.

short tbh.jpg

Shave downs

Short, Sweet and Simple! Both pups are what are considered shave downs with different Teddy Bear Heads.

Shave down.jpg

Breed Specific

Leave you Pups looking as the breed intends.


Outline Trim

Good trim can really change the look of a Pup.

tight outline.jpg
Short Body Long Legs.jpg

Short but Fluffy

Easier maintenance with the cute fluffy look.


Long and Luxurious 

Needs a lot of at home care. Brushing and Combing daily is a must. 

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